Test Equipment

Ensure the reliability and durability of your technology in any environment. Our range of high-quality, advanced equipment, including Preconditioning Systems and Bubble Detection Systems, will help your products withstand even the most extreme conditions.
Series 6000
Bubble Detection Systems

Optimize the performance of your gross leak hermeticity testing while minimizing fluorocarbon fluid evaporation with our 6000 Bubble Detection Systems.

Series 7000
NID Vapor / Gross Leak Detection Systems

Our Series 7000 NID Vapor Detection Gross Leak test is a reliable, speedy, and automated solution for detecting gross leaks in hermetic packages that fully complies with Mil Standard 883, 750, and 202.

Model 8050
Gross / Fine Leak Preconditioning System

This microprocessor controlled unit comes with two tank chambers and offers user friendly operation in strict conformance to the Mil Standards.

Model 9050
Centrifuge System

Designed and constructed with a focus on safety, reliability, and serviceability. Using the right combination of drive rotors and fixturing, the Model 9050 can test any package to meet the requirements of Mil Standard 883C, Method 2001, Test condition A-E (Constant Acceleration), and equivalent specifications.


Since 1982, we have been creating centrifuge fixtures, utilizing our extensive experience, innovative designs, and cutting-edge materials to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products to our customers.

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