Model 9050
Centrifuge System

The Model 9050 Centrifuge is the result of WEB Technology’s years of experience with constant acceleration testing of high-reliability semiconductor devices. Safety, reliability and serviceability are emphasized in the design and construction of this highly ¬≠productive system. The proper combination of drive rotors and fixturing will allow any microelectronic package to be tested per the requirements of Mil Standard 883C, Method 2001, Test Condition A-E and other equivalent specifications.

  • Microprocessor control
  • Proven quill-shaft spindle-drive design
  • Shunt-wound DC motor, which minimizes service requirements, while greatly prolonging brush life
  • Automatic belt-tensioning and alignment mechanism, which eliminates the need for routine adjustments and extends belt life
  • Sealed test enclosure designed for safe containment of any potential load separation
  • Cycle times of under three minutes are achievable
  • Compatibility with existing fixturing
  • Set-up configuration data can be entered either manually or pre-programmed
  • Extensive sensor network monitors all critical operating parameters
  • LCD status display for continuous test cycle feedback
  • Extensive maintenance diagnostics software greatly reduces downtime in the event of a component failure
  • Counters which record total operational cycles and indicate when preventative maintenance is required
  • Optional RS232 interface

Operator Interface

The Model 9050 Centrifuge is constructed for exceptional ease of use. Operating parameters for a test cycle are entered in and exhibited on the status display unit. Data pertaining to the test fixture radius, desired G force and dwell time are entered via the keyboard; at which point the RPM is automatically calculated. This information can be pre-programmed into the computer’s memory, allowing up to 99 commonly occurring device and fixture combinations to be selected with the push of a button.

The quill-shaft design eliminates the need for lids or other locking mechanisms to secure the fixture to the rotor. This improves cycle times and reduces problems which can result from operator error.

During the test cycle, the status display supplies information pertaining to the desired and actual G force, set and actual RPM, dwell time and fixture radius. In the event that these or other operating parameters are out of tolerance, the system will alarm and the fault condition will be immediately updated on the 4 line x 40 character LCD readout.

Experience & Dependability

Extensive fixturing design experience has continuously exposed WEB Technology engineers to the different failure modes occurring with competitive centrifuge systems. Thus, by combining the best features of existing equipment with innovative design improvements, the reliability and serviceability of the WEB Model 9050 cannot be surpassed.

Fixturing & Throughput

Selecting appropriate test fixtures is critical to proper device testing. WEB Technology has been designing and manufacturing industry-standard test fixtures for semiconductor centrifuge applications for many years. As a result, the Model 9050 system is designed so that, with proper rotor selection, the user can continue to use their existing fixtures, and can continue to purchase fixtures in the same size and style. This minimizes confusion which could result from having fixtures on hand with different test radii.

Motor horsepower and the inertial load being processed are the primary factors affecting cycle time. For this reason, the size and type of fixture and rotor used will have an impact on the system throughput. The following table is provided for comparative purposes. This data is based on 30KG testing of a fully loaded, 9″ diameter 300 Mil Cer-Dip fixture, with a 60-second dwell period.


The Model 9050 incorporates a field proven, variable speed shunt-wound DC motor and a quill-shaft spindle assembly design. This motor type was specifically selected due to its ability to generate high torque levels rapidly and repetitively over a long period of time, with minimum service problems. The belt drive mechanism is uniquely configured with automatic tensioning, which increases belt life and eliminates the need for routine adjustments. If a belt does break, or if the motor or bearing temperature exceed the safe operating range, an alarm is generated.

For minimizing heat, noise and cycle time, the test enclosure is evacuated during the test cycle. This eliminates any wind­-drag friction on the fixture. Braking is accomplished by a regenerative technique which provides fast, efficient deceleration without using mechanical braking hardware.

The Model 9050 Centrifuge is designed for a long lifetime of reliable operation, even under intense operating modes of three shifts a day, seven days a week.


WEB Technology has built the Model 9050 Centrifuge for utmost ease of service. All major components are arranged for easy accessibility. With the front panel removed, the slide-mounted motor can be extended out of the cabinet for maintenance purposes.

Using the maintenance diagnostic software package, service engineers can quickly locate and replace failed components. This password-protected program allows the user to monitor the outputs of all switches and sensors or to manually control any electromechanical component.


Due to the high G forces occurring during operation, safety is a primary design feature for both the Model 9050 Centrifuge and all WEB fixtures. The 9050’s containment housing is constructed from 1.5-inch thick seamless steel tubing, which is sealed by a counterbalanced stainless steel interlocking lid. Once the test cycle is started, two locking pins prevent the lid from being opened until the cycle is completed. During the cycle, an excess vibration sensor detects the balance of the spinning fixture and will automatically abort the test in the event of an imbalance.

By monitoring inputs from the system’s sensor network, the computer continually checks that all parameters are within predetermined limits and that the containment housing is secure. If a parameter is outside safe conditions, the computer will either prevent cycle initiation or will automatically shut down the system in the safest possible manner. To prevent any damage as a result of power failure or a computer failure, the 9050 has both a power fail detection circuit and a software-monitoring watchdog circuit. Either of these failure conditions will engage the safe and automatic shutdown of the system.


  • Dimensions: 38″W x 34″0 x 40″H
  • Weight: 1,200 lbs. (545 kg).
  • Electrical requirements:
    230 VAC, single phase, 50 or 60 Hz. (208 VAC Optional)
  • Motor size: 5 HP (50 AMP).
  • Speed control: Variable speed, 0-20,000 RPM.
  • Braking: Regenerative
  • Fixture compatibility:
    Capable of running virtually any properly balanced fixture from 6″ to 16″ diameter and 1″ to 7″ high (with appropriate rotor). 0-99 hours 59 minutes 11 0V /60Hz or 220V /50Hz; 1,500 Watts


WEB Technology, LLC guarantees its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

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Copyright by Web Technology, LLC. All rights reserved.