Model 8050
Gross / Fine Leak Preconditioning System

The Series 8000 family of Gross Leak/Fine Leak Preconditioning Equipment It utilizes the identical state-of-the-art hardware and software as the larger Model 8000, but has a significantly smaller footprint This microprocessor controlled unit comes with two tank chambers and offers user-friendly operation with strict conformance to the mil-standards.

  • 20-25% fluorocarbon savings over conventional systems
  • Full compliance with :MIL SID 883, Method 1014; MIL STD 750, Method 1071; and MIL STD 202, Method 112 for gross leak and helium fine leak test conditions
  • Two tanks per system
  • ASME certified 8-inch or 10-inch inside diameter by 29-inch deep tanks. (16-inch deep tanks optional)
  • Helium and/or fluorocarbon preconditioning
  • Tank chambers fully automatic and completely independent
  • Computer control with self-diagnostic software program for fault condition detection and display
  • Sophisticated power fail protection, minimizing “cycle aborts” while maintaining adherence to military specifications
  • User-friendly display of station mode, cycle status, pressure or vacuum level, time remaining and ”HELP” messages on each chamber
  • Selectable 0.5 Torr or 5.0 Torr vacuum level specification
  • Front access calibration port on each tank with supporting menu-driven calibration software program
  • Convenient storage tank fill and drain system
  • High reliability spool valves throughout the system
  • Readily accessible and removable components for quick service
  • Independent, sealed, solid-state vacuum and pressure transducers for each test chamber

Fluorocarbon Savings

Unique fluorocarbon-saving features include a volumetric compensator which hydraulically pressurizes the fluorocarbon instead of directly injecting air into the tank. This method of pressurization eliminates the largest source of fluorocarbon loss, the discharge of vapor and liquid during venting. An optional refrigerated vapor recovery system, operating at 10°C, condenses and recovers the majority of the fluorocarbon vapors which may be released during other process cycles. Additional features such as separate liquid and vacuum lines further contribute to guarantee a minimum 20-25% reduction in fluid usage compared to conventional systems.


  • Some of the many improvements which will prolong the overall life of the 8050 system include:
  • Friction-less, non-galling tank seal design
  • One-way, dual filtration of the fluid
  • Dual vacuum pump system to minimize fluid ingestion into the pump
  • Stainless steel flexible fluid and vacuum lines
  • Stainless steel 20-gallon storage tank and stainless steel test chambers
  • Self cleaning spool valves used throughout the system


The computer’s sophisticated, self-diagnostic program detects and indicates fault conditions. A separate password protected service display indicates “HELP” messages such as “Need Fluid”, “Fill Storage”, “Calibration Required”, etc.

The system is constructed to allow easy access to all assemblies. A total of five separate lines are connected to each tank chamber; one of each fluid and/or function. This assures truly independent tank operation, simplifies service and reduces fluorocarbon loss. Wherever possible, modular sub-assemblies are used to improve reliability and minimize removal and replacement time.

System Interface

The 8050 comes with two levels of user interface. The first level is for the operator and gives an instantaneous reading of the cycle status for each tank module. At this level the operator can input pressure and vacuum times plus pressure settings.

A keypad is also provided for supervisory and service personnel. This password protected device allows the user to configure each tank for either helium or fluorocarbon preconditioning, access system diagnostics or read system fault messages.


  • Component Buckets
  • Filler Blocks
  • Host Computer Compatibility and RS232 Data Transfer
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Secondary Vapor Recovery System


  • Power Requirements:
    115V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz, 1500 Watts, Single phase
  • Compressed Gas Requirements:
    90psig filtered compressed air or nitrogen
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 1200#
  • System Dimensions: 45″W x 34″D x 55″H
  • Vacuum and Pressure Soak Times: 0-99 hours 59 minutes 11 0V /60Hz or 220V /50Hz; 1,500 Watts


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