WEB Technology, LLC. offers a complete line of both fixturing and fixturing rework services for all major centrifuge types and semiconductor package outlines. These units are constructed to be user-friendly and compatible with the current tooling already used in production at most facilities.

Our goal is to ensure a quality product, guaranteed to perform as quoted with a quick delivery. 1bis challenge has been met and surpassed by using a combination of experience, state-of-the-art materials, innovative designs and customer responsiveness. The range of product offerings include, but are not limited to 6.25″, 9″, 10″, and 14″ diameters as well as multiple-axis rotors and cubes. Product performance is unconditionally guaranteed.

  • Fixturing available for all major centrifuge types
  • All industry standard fixturing diameters and styles
  • Standard and custom engineered designs for any package type
  • Compatibility with existing tooling
  • Y1 or multiple axis capability
  • Available in either composite or metal material
  • One year unconditional guarantee, three year structural guarantee
  • Complete rework services for any existing fixturing
  • Compliance with Military Standards

Custom Designs

Many applications do not warrant a dedicated fixture for each device type due to low volumes. For these requirements, we offer several cost-effective alternatives including combination and universal carrier plate designs. Both styles are capable of testing multiple package types.

Combination fixtures are one-piece units with several different loading positions for each package type symmetrically machined into the insert. Each package type can be processed regardless of the presence or absence of the other device types, while maintaining dynamic balance.

An alternative to the single-piece design is the captive carrier plate model. Depending on your range of package dimensions, we offer this insert with either six, eight, ten, or twelve slots. This design allows the user to purchase one insert body and then sets of carrier plates designed for specific packages. These sets of plates are more costĀ­ effective than dedicated fixtures when a wide variety of packages are tested in low volumes.

Designs Available For All Makes And Models

WEB Technology, Inc. specializes in semiconductor package centrifuge fixturing design and construction, regardless of equipment type. Our engineering team has researched and understands the differences between the models supplied by all major centrifuge manufacturers. Different fixture size options are made available depending on the centrifuge type and the tooling currently used by the customer. Regardless of the number or type of axis testing necessary, we will develop the necessary tooling for your requirement.


By constantly researching new ideas and materials, WEB Technology, Inc. offers not only the standard insert styles and designs, but also utilizes other state-of-the-art proven materials when appropriate. WEB Technology, Inc. was the first to introduce high speed, low inertia, composite fixturing for single and multiple-axis testing. This composite material is four times stronger than standard metal materials used and is one-half the weight. By utilizing this ultra-Ā­strength material, the user can achieve faster centrifuge cycle times and reduce stresses on the shaft and other key centrifuge components. In addition, the composite material allows for higher capacity and more productive testing. Throughput can be significantly increased without the purchase of additional centrifuges.

This same composite material is also used as a replacement to the fiberglass material which has been widely used in the past by other suppliers on 14″ force rings. Due to its tensile strength and modulus of elasticity characteristics, this material does not require the expensive annual rework services normally required with the fiberglass fixtures.

Users familiar with the 6.25″ belt-type fixtures can especially appreciate WEB Technology, Inc. ‘s alternative designs. Our all metal designs offer extremely reliable and safe testing utilizing your existing bowl rotor with no modifications to your centrifuge. Use of your existing belts is not at all affected. The WEB design results in significant improvements in both insert life and loading ease.


Quality is a major consideration at all times during the design, material selection, manufacture and testing of each insert. The design is checked to assure a long and safe operational life, and all materials are certified to conform to the actual requirements of the application. Careful consideration is given to ergonomics to help eliminate possible operator problems and to improve the loading ease of both the product into the insert and the insert into the centrifuge.

In an effort to ensure correct performance before delivery, WEB Technology, Inc. routinely performs a seven-point inspection of every finished product. This inspection process includes 100% leak testing of sample devices to ensure that no insert is shipped which could cause hermeticity failures. After mechanical design verification, each unit is dynamically balanced to assure minimal stresses are exerted on the centrifuge shaft assembly during each test cycle.


Designed for your exact needs, WEB Technology, LLC’s centrifuge fixtures have the best cost to performance ratios.


On select occasions, it is economically and structurally feasible to rework existing fixturing. WEB Technology, LLC has a rigid multi-step process which includes:

  • Visual and Mechanical Inspection
  • Stress Analysis
  • Machining to Remove Damage or Stress Risers
  • Plating
  • Replacing Worn or Ineffective Rubber
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Spin Testing with User Supplied Samples

Upon completion of our rework process, your fixtures will look and perform like new. For an estimate on reworking your existing fixturing, please contact your local representative or our engineering department.


WEB Technology, LLC guarantees its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

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Copyright by Web Technology, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Web Technology, LLC. All rights reserved.