Series 6000
Bubble Detection Systems

The Series 6000 Bubble Detection System is designed to enhance the efficiency of the gross leak hermeticity test, which can be operator-intensive, while significantly reducing fluorocarbon fluid evaporation.

  • Exceeds requirements of Mil Standard 883C
  • Operates in full compliance with Mil Standard 750C and 202F, with optional 3X magnifying lens
  • Adjustable magnifying lens position greatly improves operator viewing ease
  • Dual light sources for illumination in excess of 15,000 foot candles
  • Water-cooled chill ring barrier reduces evaporation of expensive indicator fluid
  • Integral filtration system, with ”filter-plugged” alarm indication, operates under manual or automatic control
  • Horizontal heating element minimizes indicator fluid temperature gradients
  • Low liquid level warning assures specification conformance and prevents damage to fluid-cooled components
  • Two parts trays included
  • All stainless steel tank construction
  • Front panel push-button or convenient foot switch for efficient test cycle initiation

Fluorocarbon Savings

The Series 6000 was developed with the minimization of indicator fluid evaporation in mind. The chassis is fully enclosed and self contained to help prevent vapor loss to the surrounding environment. The tray-insertion opening comes complete with an integral water-cooled chill ring and hinged cover. Any vapor must first pass through this recovery barrier before escaping.

Temperature Control

By combining an easily programmable digital temperature controller with a horizontal heater, extremely reliable temperature control is achieved. The parts tray is located on the same plane as the heating element during testing. This results in excellent temperature uniformity throughout the device viewing area. Protection against any over­ temperature condition is provided by a totally separate circuit


Tank test area illumination is accomplished by use of two high-intensity lamps, which provide greater than the 15,000 foot candles required by Mil Standards. The lamp holders are designed to allow for easy replacement.


The 9″ x 5″ viewing port can be magnified by the use of either a l .5X fresnel lens or an optional stand-alone 3X lens, depending on test requirements as dictated by the Mil Standard being followed. The position of either lens can be adjusted to assure maximum operator comfort and viewing.


A built-in filter and liquid pump, rated to operate at 125°C, allow for manually-controlled or timed automatic fluid filtering. The filtration system monitors the one-micron filter and alerts the operator when the element needs to be changed.

Hands-Free Test Start

A test sequence can be started by using either the front panel push-button or a foot switch. Use of the foot switch improves operator efficiency.


  • Filtration Unit:
    • Pump Capacity: 3 GPM
    • Filter Element: 1 Micron
  • Temperature Control:
    Bath temperature adjustable from 40°C to 160°C.
  • Test Times: 30 or 60 seconds; operator selectable
  • Electrical Power: 11 0V /60Hz or 220V /50Hz; 1,500 Watts
Model 6000
  • Fluid Capacity: 1.5 U.S. gallons
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall: 18″Wx 14″D x 14″H
    • Parts Tray: 1 0″ x 4″
Model 6200
  • Fluid Capacity: 2.5 U.S. gallons
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall: 23 “W x 16″D x 14″H
    • Parts Tray: 14″ x 6″


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